About Our Marine Upholstery Service Jacksonville FL

Our marine upholstery team is a locally owned marine upholstery service company in Jacksonville FL. Our goal is to support the marine hobbyists and lifestyle that is deeply engrained in Jacksonville. To do that, we provide marine upholstery, yacht upholstery services, and much more. We take on every job with a focus on friendliness and quality while helping to inform vessel owners of the options available regarding their repairs.‚Äč

Our boat upholstery services include seat and bench repair or replacement, seat recovering, cover and shade structure repairs, and countless other services as well. 

Our team of experts love boating and boats. For us, it’s our passion and a dream job, and we’ve been hard at work for years. The Jacksonville community helps us keep our focus on keeping boating going. Call our Upholstery shop here in Jacksonville FL to set up a consultation and dive into the repairs or upholstery demands that you need to keep your watercraft in the best possible condition.

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