Marine interior repairs and restorations include refurbishing seats, cushions, covers, and much more. Reupholstering or repairing damage could be necessary because of the common elements such as the sun, ocean water, and regular use. Our marine upholstery repair services can cover any variety of damage or wear and tear. We are able to create custom foam to help repair shrinkage or regain the original shape of the cushion or bench. ​

Boat upholstery repair is about providing the boat and watercraft owners with services that help extend the life of their vessels. Ideally, we’d like to keep you and your vessel on the water at first, they only as possible.

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    Boat cover repair Is one of the more common repairs replace, and canvas is one of the easier to repair materials. Boat covers offer a lot of protection from the sun while you’re out on the water and can make boating much more enjoyable. So when you need boat canvas repairs at the contact Upholstery Pros Jacksonville FL. 

    Cushion, canvas, bench, and all types of vinyl repair services are available with our team of experts. Contacting our offices does easy, and we make sure that every step of the repair or replacement services is easy to. Upholstery Pros Jacksonville FL Offers pick up, delivery, and even mail-in options for custom requests and orders. 

    If your boat upholstery is in need of any variety of repairs or re-upholstery, then contact Upholstery Pros Jacksonville, FL, right away. We’ll help you get back on the water as soon as possible.