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Marine upholstery extends past just seats and benches to include the boat shade structures as well. From Bimini tops to standard canvas covers, you can always have options for repairing or replacing your current boat shade. The best news is that repairs are usually preferable and available because typically shades will wear at the same places. ​

With the full support of a professional boat upholstery service, you can reclaim your boat shade or a structure and bring your vessel back to its full glory.

boat shade structures Jacksonville

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    Boat cover repair Is typically necessary because boat covers offer a substantial amount of protection to the driver, passengers, and interior materials. What it provides is a certain level of protection from ultraviolet rays that can cause your boats of whole street a crack com appeal and a great more quickly than it would have if you would use to cover. ​

    Repairs first aid structure are generally less costly than the expense of replacing or repairing boat interior or seat cover rings. Putting lifestyle will often call for occasional boat cover repairs so that you and your family can still enjoy time out in the sun and on the water.


    There are a handful of specialty shade structures, and many voters have a preference for exactly what they want on their boat. The Bimini tops are a favorite, and they offer an open front for the cockpit of the boat. A Bimini top can collapse or expand provide shelter from the rain and the sun but leaves the top option up to the driver.  ​

    T-tops, which are very similar to the Bimini top, have open sides and usually allow for quite a bit of flexibility with storage. T-tops are favorite among Fishers, although they don’t give the same amount of shade protection as a Bimini would. 

    A Dodger shade or a spray hood is helpful to protect and who won in the cockpit around the sun, and water. Typically Dodgers will provide protection around the front and the sides of the cover. 

    We work on all variety of boat shade structures, including boat canopy repair, so contact Upholstery Pros Jacksonville FL to start discussing your boat cover repairs now.