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    Marine Upholstery Jacksonville FL

    Thanks for visiting our website! Our company Trim Time services the Jacksonville Florida area, and we specialize in mobile Marine Upholstery. From repairs to upgrades and replacements, we provide top-notch canvas and boat upholstery from small boats to mega yachts. Our services include: 

    – Boat Seat Reupholstery

    – Cushions

    – Marine Canvas Reupholstery

    – Bolsters

    – Leaning Posts

    – Console Covers

    ​- T-Tops, Sun Fly Strut repair

    boat seat reupholstering Jacksonville fl


    boat shade repairs Jacksonville fl

    Many fishing boats get a lot of wear and tear. When it’s time to get your leaning posts fixed up, give us a call!

    boat cushions reupholstering Jacksonville

    Improve performance, comfort and durability for your boat seats, cushions, leaning posts, benches and more with our expert boat reupholstery services.

    custom marine upholstery Jacksonville

    Give your boat a makeover! Choose from custom colors and prints for reupholstery services. Any size custom job from small boats to yachts!

    We only use top of the line materials, ensuring quality and durability for every reupholstery job we do. Products we use: 

    – Sunbrella

    ​- Solarfix

    – Strataglass

    – Sattler

    – Top Notch


    Our Upholstery service company serving Jacksonville FL takes an active role in the fun and exciting marine community in Jacksonville. Typically we can turnaround projects within four to six weeks and make sure that custom upholstery services are always available. Throughout Jacksonville, FL, we provide pickup services, delivery options, and mail-in services for custom orders as well.

    When we’re working on a job, your marine craft is our top priority. We have years of experience in arranging for custom design jobs, handling repairs, and arranging for the replacement of damaged upholstery, covers, and canvas. 

    Boat upholstery repair costs don’t need to be outrageous. We always keeps the focus on making boating not only fun but affordable. There’s no reason to be priced out of a lifelong hobby! Choose us because our team puts your needs and your watercraft first. Marine upholstery repairs and replacement jobs aren’t easy, but they are necessary, and we enjoy our work.​

    Choose our boat upholstery service because of our attention to detail, responsiveness and professionalism! Contact our office directly for assistance in all of your marine upholstery needs.


    As a professional marine and boat upholstery service, we happily serve the community of Jacksonville, Florida, a leading city in boating and marine hobbies. 

    Our service is provided on-site as your mobile marine upholstery shop, providing a full spectrum of services. We handle upholstery materials such as leather, fabric, canvas, and even vinyl. Our extensive experience in working within the marine field and closely with boating enthusiasts makes us the go-to service in Jacksonville, FL.

    It’s common for some marine upholstery to get worn down through the harsh effects of the sun, water, and wear and tear of regular use. You could notice scratches or rips in the upholstery or the exterior could look fine, but it may smell of mold or mildew. When it comes to upholstery repair, you need a specialist on hand. Upholstery Pros Jacksonville FL Is the specialist you need to repair boat seat upholstery, consoles, leaning posts and more.

    Make us your go-to provider in Jacksonville for all your boat upholstery needs!


    upholstery of the interior of the boat Jacksonville

    As part of our marine upholstery Repair services, we only use high quality and mold resistant material. We know that your watercraft is constantly under the harsh conditions of changing weather, water, marine life, and general use. We have a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, canvas, and leather for you to choose from, and all are top-notch. ​

    Our boat upholstery services include the full boat interior restoration, repairs, and replacement for various materials or covers within the watercraft. From pontoon seats to cushion covers and everything in between call Upholstery Pros Jacksonville FL for your marine upholstery needs.

    Our service specializes in helping boats look better, retain their value longer, and remain as comfortable as possible. We can fix everything from rips and stains to fading materials. There is no need to purchase a new vessel or to live with taped-up seats. It is possible and easy to arrange for marine upholstery repair. Call today to inquire about our turnaround times.



    “I use these guys for all my upholstery needs. They recovered all the seats on my yacht, and made custom covers for everything. Excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. Highly recommended!”

    Bill D.

    “Fast and very professional. I would recommend them to everyone who has boat reupholstering needs. My boat cushions came out really sharp.”

    Stuart M.

    “Console cushions on my boat needed to be replaced. They did an amazing job, it looks like they are brand new! Will definitely use them again when needed. Reasonable turnaround time as well!”

    Mark P.
    boat seat repair Jacksonville fl


    Boat seat repair is among the most common requests. Vinyl is almost always the top choice for boat seats because of its durability, thickness, and weight. However, some vinyl is more water-resistant than others, and it can be difficult to choose the right materials if you’re not well-versed on the differences. 

    When it comes to planning your boat seat upholstery, It’s always best to talk to an expert. Even though vinyl is extraordinarily durable, the elements will always take a toll on boat upholstery. Even under the best conditions when you cover your boat regularly, vinyl will eventually crack and need repair or replacement. It’s still a better choice than almost any other material available.

    Typically experts agree that the wait is the best way to identify the highest quality vinyl. Essentially the heavier the vinyl, the better the quality. However, you should talk to a material expert when planning boat seat upholstery repair about the materials lightfastness test. With a special UV light, an expert can help determine how long this vinyl will be able to hold up to both the saltwater and the sun. Most mid-quality vinyl products will claim that they can withstand 500 hours of UV protection.When planning your boat seat upholstery repairs, keep in mind that materials are just as important as the experts working to bring your boat back into top shape.


    Boat canvas repair can refer to the repair of placement of awnings, tarps, sunshades, banners, and covers. Canvas plays such a huge role in protecting your boat’s interior, especially the very sensitive upholstery on your seats and cushions. Now your boat canvas can sustain damages, usually including rips and tears. Especially around the grommets, it is easy to develop a rip or a hole. 

    Fortunately, most canvas damage can be repaired rather than replaced, which can save you a fair amount of money and time. The good news is that canvas is almost always repairable; however, you might work with your repair specialist to identify the source of chafing that probably led to the tear or hole.​

    Boat top canvas repair is a specialty repair service that you might consider discussing before you hire a repair service. The top canvas serves the purpose of protecting you, your passengers, and all of your vinyl interiors from the harsh UV rays. Without a top canvas, it may be outright uncomfortable to get your boat out on the water.

    boat shade repairs Jacksonville fl


    cushion covers and boat seat upholstery Jacksonville

    Custom upholstery is something we enjoy taking on, and we aim to provide custom services as frequently as possible. There is no job too big or too small for a custom order. We can provide custom upholstery for boat covers, Bimini tops, sun tops, upholstery including seat and cushion covers, and many other options as well.  ​

    Yacht upholstery requests are among the jobs that often call for custom designs. We are well connected with the community, which allows us to service many of the Jacksonville boating community with custom designs as well as repairs for their boats and watercraft. 

    If you ever need custom marine upholstery, then be sure to contact our shop directly at 904-600-3703. You’ll meet with one of our top team members, and our design experts will work with you on creating a design with materials that serve every need for your boat.


    One of our greatest pleasures in working on marine upholstery is getting to work hands-on with a wide variety of boat and watercraft types.

    We provide upholstery services for:

    • Yachts
    • Ski boats
    • Pontoon boats
    • Sailboats
    • Jet Skis
    • Jet Boats
    • And more​

    Our full-range of upholstery services include:

    • Boat seat cushion repair and replacement
    • Rear deck bench repair and replacement
    • Front bow cushions
    • Flybridge cushions
    • Boat interior upholstery custom designs, repairs, and replacements​
    • Boat Shade Structures
    • Enclosures
    • Boat covers
    • Canvas repairs
    • Coffin box cushion repair
    • Winch covers
    • Hatch covers
    • Motor covers
    • Combing pads
    • T-Top covers
    • Leaning posts
    • Helm seats
    • Rear-deck enclosure repairs
    • Window covers
    • Settee repairs
    • Console cover repair or replacement
    • Electronics covers
    • Customized foam cuts

    Boat seat upholstery is our top-requested service; however, it is far from our only service. We love boats and anything that involves boat repairs or upholstery. If you have the need for any type of upholstery repair for a wide array of watercraft, then contact our upholstery team immediately. Our upholsterers are ready to help you arrange for the repairs you need.


    We serve Greater Jacksonville including Amelia Island, Black Hammock Island, Amelia Beach, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Franklintown, St Augustine and more. We are local and work with many local boat owners, via our mobile on-site service. Please contact us today to inquire about all of our services.


    Jacksonville is full of marine hot spots! We provide services to the people who enjoy boat in Ft. George Inlet, Mill Cove, Exchange Club Island, Jacksonville Beach, Julington Creed, and the Intracoastal Waterway. To manage this, we connect with all the Jacksonville marinas include the Marina at Ortega Landing, Ft. George Island Marina, Palm Cove Marina, Arlington Marina, Johns Marina, Morningstar Marinas, the Seafarers Marina, Julington Creek Marina, and more.

    Our wonderful coast that opens into the Atlantic Ocean is one of the best spots in the country to boat, yacht, and drift along the waves. To ensure that everyone can cash in on these outstanding sights and experiences, we try to be everywhere that boats are.

    At Ft. George Inlet, we help people enjoy their days on the iconic sandbars by starting repairs with pickups at the docks and deliveries as soon as your boat or yacht is ready. All the while at Mill Cove, our team is hard at work to ensure that those anglers can sit for hours in a comfortable interior, or the more active boaters can engage in the wildly exciting water sports. 

    To find “boat upholstery near me” or how you can arrange for repair or replacement upholstery services with Upholstery Pros Jacksonville, FL, reach out to our office at 904-600-3703 and arrange for a consultation or repair.